How Fit Should I Be?


All levels of fitness are welcome on most of our trips with the exception of the Upper Green River trip. On our e-bike trips you should be comfortable pedaling at a very gentle pace through the Asheville area for 2-3 hours. The e-assist on the bikes helps out tremendously with the Asheville hills, adding up to 300% more power to your pedaling. We generally compare most of our bike trips to walking a brisk 5k. For our hiking trips, guests should feel comfortable walking for a few miles on uneven terrain with some change in elevation. Finally, for our paddling trips, guests should be able paddle without significant effort and should be comfortable around water.

Cancelation due to weather


Weather in the mountains is up and down, but biking in the rain is tons of fun! With how fickle the weather is in WNC we suggest not scheduling your trip around the rain. In case of rain we will provide rain gear and we will still make sure that it is a fantastic trip. However, if you do wish to cancel, a cancellation 7 days in advance will receive a 100% refund, 4 days in advance will receive a 50% refund, and unfortunately, 0-4 days before the trip we are not able to offer a refund (but you receive a 1 year rain check). Trips will generally proceed rain or shine, however if the weather is really bad then we will contact you to try and reschedule or offer a refund.