Frequently Asked Questions:


All Tours:

What is your cancellation policy?

Weather in the mountains is up and down, but biking in the rain is tons of fun!  With how fickle the weather is in WNC we suggest not scheduling your trip around the rain. In case of rain we will provide rain gear and we will still make sure that it is a fantastic trip. However, if you do wish to cancel, a cancellation 7 days in advance will receive a 100% refund, 4 days in advance will receive a 50% refund, and unfortunately, 0-4 days before the trip we are not able to offer a refund (but you receive a 1 year rain check).  Trips will proceed rain or shine.

What’s the best way to make a reservation? (How far in advance should it be?)

We recommend booking through our website, our website has a “book tour” button on the bottom right of each page where you can book all of our trips. You can also call us or email j[email protected]. We recommend booking as far out as you feel comfortable as our trips can often fill quickly, however we certainly are often able to accommodate last minute bookings as well. 

Where does my trip begin and how do I connect with my guide?

Your guide will call you 24 hours before your trip. Each trip meets in a different location so your guide will give you all the instructions before the trip.

Do you provide transportation?

We do not typically provide transportation, but we understand that many of our guests do not have a car during their travels so contact us if you need transportation from your hotel and we can certainly arrange it.

What first aid and safety precautions do you take?

A guide on every trip will be equipped with a first aid kit and will be first aid certified. We also have several staff members who are certified wilderness first responders.

Will bathrooms be available?

Bathrooms are available on some but not all of our trips. Guides will inform guests about bathroom availability before the trip begins. If you have specific bathroom concerns then please reach out to us before or after booking and we can answer any specific questions.

Should I bring food?

Most of our trips take between 3 and 5 hours and not all of them include food. Trips that do include food outline this in the trip description. We recommend bringing a light snack if you are concerned about being hungry.  

Will my guide know much about the cultural and natural history of the area?

Yes! All of our guides have lived in Asheville for years and are extremely knowledgeable about the culture and history of this unique area.

 E-Bikes Tours:

What is the age limit for children to go on a tour?

Due to the limited size of our bikes we are currently only able to offer trips to those 16 years and older.

Do I need to be an experienced cyclist?

No, our e-bikes have a very comfortable step through frame and upright geometry that makes them very approachable for anyone. Guests should, however, be comfortable with the basics of riding a bike.

How fit should I be?

All levels of fitness are welcome, but you should be comfortable pedaling at a very gentle pace through the Asheville area.  Our customers have repeatedly expressed how comfortable they felt on our tours.

Can my children come on the tour?

Due to the limited size of our bikes we are currently only able to offer trips to those 16 years and older.

Are e-bike tours dangerous?

Not at all. E-bikes are part of a booming industry with people around the world smiling ear to ear as their bike accelerates beneath them