Hala is back at it with more ground breaking technology that makes paddle boarding mountain rivers more functional than ever.  They have dubbed it the StompBox and here is their explanation of the new fin system:

The first-ever spring-loaded fin system that retracts upon contact with submerged rocks and then instantly springs back into fin operation. This innovation alleviates the dreaded “supermanning,” or flying off the board due to abrupt stops when fins strike shallow rocks.

Anyone who has paddle boarded in a shallow body of water knows the feeling of “supermanning” when their fin catches a shallow rock. If you don’t, trust us – it’s no fun.  Our employees tested the Hala Atcha utilizing the StompBox right here on the French Broad River.  The advantage of having a fin to track (keep your board straight) and ferry (cross currents from one side to the other) without having to worry about it catching is revolutionary. We couldn’t even feel the fin retract going over submerged rocks which speaks to the smoothness of the system. Bottom line: we think this is a completely superior fin system and we’re looking forward to seeing it incorporated in all of their boards.