E-Bike Tours

E-bikes (short for “electric” bikes) are a booming new technology that you may have seen zipping around the city streets in recent years. E-bikes are bikes that use an electric assist motor to help you pedal on the flat and fly up those steeper hills. They are a great option for touring and bar crawling as they let you decide how much effort you feel comfortable with and are suitable for people of any fitness level. At Asheville Adventure Company, we have a brand new fleet of 2019 Giant LaFree E-bikes that can travel up to 65 miles on one charge! Conquer the hills and beers of Asheville on an environmentally conscious e-bike with one of our friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable guides that will share a new and unique perspective in this mecca of the south.  

Brewery Crawl:

We will meet at our shop in North Asheville and get acquainted with our brand new fleet of e-bikes. From here we will ride from our shop to our first stop of the day which will be the Wedge, one of the locals favorite breweries. At the Wedge we will have our first beer and toast the day to come. After emptying our glasses we will move on to our favorite breweries in Asheville, making sure to offer plenty of insights along the way. We will make sure to see several of Asheville’s most unique neighborhoods and will offer plenty of perspective and history about the town we love. We will conclude at One World Brewing and the historic Vance Monument. You can be sure to gain a unique perspective on this vibrant town and leave knowing that you spent the afternoon drinking the best suds that Asheville has to offer while cruising around leisurely on our awesome e bikes. It’s a really good day.

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Scenic E Bike Tour in the Mountains:

Starting at our shop just north of downtown Asheville, we’ll meet and greet, hop on electric bicycles, and begin our tour of the area. From our starting point we will leisurely cruise down through the quaint Montford and north Asheville communities on our way to Patton mountain where we will see numerous historical sites. We will then begin our ascent of Patton mountain where we’ll find panoramic views of the southern Appalachian mountains and the Asheville valley at every turn. Cruising on another few miles we’ll hit Town Mountain road where we will embark on a winding and exciting descent back down to the Asheville valley. Arriving at the bottom invigorated and just in time to go grab a drink at the historic Grove Park Inn!

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The Ultimate Tour of Asheville

See all the unique and quaint neighborhoods of the city in this comprehensive tour. From West Asheville and Downtown to North Asheville and Town Mountain, we cover it all. Your knowledgeable guide will show you all of the must see stops in town and also take you by some of Asheville’s lesser known attractions. This approximately four hour trip will conclude with a drink on us on the breathtaking veranda at the Historic Grove Park Inn. If you want to get the full Asheville experience then this is the trip for you!

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Sunset E-Bike Ride With Amazing Views

We will begin at our shop in North Asheville as the sun gets low in the sky. After we take some time to get custom sized and aquatinted with the e bikes we will set out on our ride up the beautiful mountains that surround Asheville. We will climb up to a breathtaking overlook where we will stop for some refreshments as the light grows long in the Asheville valley down below. During this time of day, much of the wildlife in Asheville is the most active, and we will be sure to take our time enjoying any of the diverse critters who may cross our path during our ride. We will conclude watching the last rays of sun fade over the Southern Appalachian mountains in the distance on the beautiful and historic veranda at the Grove Park Inn while enjoying a cold beer.

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