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Spend an Evening on a Sunset E-bike Tour in Asheville

mountains during sunset

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Activity Level: EasyActivity Level: Easy

$65 | 2 Hours

Tour Highlights

Leisurely 9-mile e-bike tour at sunset

Beautiful scenery overlooking both downtown Asheville and the Asheville valley

Great views of Mt. Pisgah and Biltmore

Explore the historic Grove Park Inn, downtown Asheville, and the River Arts District

A visit to Wedge Brewing Company for a complimentary beer

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What to Expect on Your Sunset E-bike Tour in Asheville


Your scenic sunset e-bike ride begins at Asheville Adventure Company’s newest location at 99 Riverside Drive in North Asheville. We will begin your tour when the sun starts to get lower in the sky, just before sunset. The exact start time will vary depending on the time of year, and you will be notified of the exact time prior to your tour!

At the shop, you’ll meet your experienced guides, and get oriented with e-bikes and e-bike safety. Once we hit the road, you’ll cruise through some of Asheville’s most iconic spots including the Patton and Town mountains. Your guide will treat you to interesting facts about the city of Asheville, steer you toward the best photo ops, and if you’re lucky you may even encounter some local wildlife. The tour will also include a cruise through downtown Asheville, a quick stop at the historic Grove Park Inn for photo ops, and a stop in Asheville’s River Arts District. The final stop will be at Wedge Brewing Company for a complimentary beer at sunset! Wedge Brewing Company is located right next to Asheville Adventure Company’s newest location, so you won’t have to worry about drinking and pedaling in the dark.

Prior to your trip, you’ll receive an email/text notification with all the details, including the meeting time. Trips will take place rain or shine and cancellations must be 24 hours in advance.  


All participants will be provided with a Giant Vida e-bike and a bike helmet for their trip. The e-bikes are equipped with headlights for safe riding after sunset. Folks of all fitness levels can enjoy an easy and fun ride through Asheville’s varied terrain, as the bikes require little exertion. Participants can wear comfortable clothing and should bring a lightweight jacket in case the weather gets cooler after sunset. The bikes do not have storage so participants should bring a backpack or waistpack to store belongings and a snack or a bottle of water. 

Your Guide

The Sunset E-bike Tours is a tour that is led by experienced guides who are familiar with Asheville and can help you experience the city and surrounding mountains like a local. All of our guides live in the Asheville area and are familiar with both popular spots and unique sites that make Asheville stand out as a favorite vacation getaway. Tours can be tailored to the group’s interests and can create a memorable tour that you’ll love. 

The Ride 

The guided e-bike tour is a 9-mile, leisurely-paced tour that lasts approximately two hours and includes breaks to take photos of the beautiful scenery along the Patton and Town mountains. The e-bikes provided are motorized, allowing participants of all activity levels to experience a fun ride without the work of pedaling through mountainous terrain. The ride will also include a visit to a historic local hotel, the Grove Park Inn for some photo ops, and a complimentary beer from our friends and neighbors at Wedge Brewing Company.

Group Size 

To provide the best experience and ride possible, groups are limited to a maximum of 10 participants age 16 and up. Trips can be specially arranged for larger groups, but please call in advance. 


With this being one of our most popular guided tours, here are some of the common questions we get.

What is the cancellation policy? 

If you have concerns about keeping your reservation, please let us know sooner rather than later so we can discuss options. We will issue a refund for your Sunset E-Bike Tour with 48 hours of notice, or if the tour is cancelled due to inclement weather. 

What if this is my first time on an e-bike? 

If you’ve ridden a bike, you can master an e-bike! During orientation, your guide will demonstrate basic e-bike usage, safety, and etiquette. Once the whole group is feeling comfortable, we will begin the tour. 

Is a Sunset E-Bike Tour safe?

Safety is our number one priority at Asheville Adventure Company. Fun is a close second. Your tour guide will make sure you understand how to use your equipment, and our e-bikes are equipped with lights for better visibility after the sun sets. We try to stay away from the road as much as we can to avoid traffic. 

Are drinks included?

The Sunset E-Bike Tour includes a complimentary beer at Wedge Brewing Company.  

Is there a drink limit?

Though there is no drink limit, Asheville Adventure Company will only provide one complimentary beer at Wedge Brewing Company. If you wish to experience more of Asheville’s beer scene, check out our E-Bike Brewery Tour

Can I drive home afterwards?

Though the participants on the Sunset E-bike Tour typically only consume one complimentary alcoholic beverage, they are free to consume additional beverages of their choice at Wedge Brewing Company. We never recommend driving after drinking any amount of alcohol. Asheville does offer Uber, Lyft, and several taxi services. 

Will there be food?

The Sunset E-bike Tour does not include a stop for food. We recommend eating dinner before your tour, or bringing your own snacks. 

Are water and snacks provided?

No, water and snacks are not provided. We recommended bringing along your own in a small day pack or backpack if needed. 

How much riding is involved?

Our tour covers a distance of approximately 9 miles, or 60-90 minutes of riding. The total duration of the trip, including photo ops and your stop at the Grove Park Inn will be around 2 hours. Most riders find the e-bikes make Asheville’s hilly terrain easy to navigate, and do not have difficulty keeping up with the pace of the trip. 

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather creates an unsafe situation we will cancel your tour. We will make our decision as close to the tour as possible while still giving you a chance to plan accordingly. Light rain typically does not cause issues for riders, but if rain is in the forecast, we will decide together at the time of the tour whether to embark. In the case of bad weather, your tour will be either rescheduled or refunded.