Asheville E-Bike Rental (Full Day)

Pedal into the Heart of Asheville with Ease and Discover Its Wonders All Day Long

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Asheville Sunets Ebike Tour Asheville Sunets Ebike Tour
Asheville E Bike Brewery Tour 4 Asheville E Bike Brewery Tour 4
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Asheville E-Bike Rental (Full Day)

Pedal into the Heart of Asheville with Ease and Discover Its Wonders All Day Long

From $65/person

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Unlock the full potential of Asheville in just one day with our 8-hour eBike rental. eBikes stand out as the premier choice for those looking to immerse themselves in Asheville’s vibrant culture, breathtaking landscapes, and bustling streets, covering significant ground without the weariness of walking or the detachment of driving. Glide up hills, navigate through the artistic River Arts District, and pause in the heart of downtown, all with the freedom to explore deeper and see more. This full-day adventure promises a seamless blend of exploration and enjoyment, making every moment an opportunity to discover something new about Asheville’s rich tapestry.

Asheville Sunets Ebike Tour
Asheville E Bike Brewery Tour 4

Asheville E-Bike Rental (Full Day)

Trip Overview

  • Rent high-quality e-bikes at the lowest cost in Asheville
  • Customizable eBike adventure for a personalized look at Asheville
  • See the city’s finest eateries and breweries
  • Asheville’s artistic centers and cultural hubs
  • The famous River Arts District and downtown Asheville

What's Included

  • Electric bike
  • Bike helmet
  • A map of Asheville

What To Wear & Bring

  • Comfortable clothes to spend several hours biking
  • Water bottle/snacks
  • Backpack or waist pack to carry belongings (debit card, credit card, phone, photo ID)
Asheville Sunets Ebike Tour
Asheville E Bike Brewery Tour 4

Adventure Details

What to Expect on Your Self-Guided eBike Tour

Lead your own adventure! Whether you’re a pro cyclist or this is your first eBike rental, you have the chance to explore Asheville’s stunning sites at your own pace. This self-guided tour comes with a mapped route that takes you through quiet streets with gentle right turns—but feel free to chart your own path and explore Asheville as you please for the duration of the tour. Plus, with our leisurely four-hour and eight-hour options, you can take your time at the stops along the way. Our Self-Guided eBike Tour is the best of both worlds: our expertise of all things Asheville and your love for exploring beautiful places on your own terms.

During this tour, you will not be accompanied by a tour guide. Make sure to stay safe by riding single file, staying to the right at all times, obeying traffic signals, and signaling when turning. While Asheville is known for its exciting brewery scene, we recommend that you stick to one or two beers for the best experience on this tour. 

Before your ride, you’ll get an email/text notification containing any final must-know details. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. We’ll be riding rain or shine—if the weather is exceptionally inclement, we will contact you about alternate arrangements.

Only Found in Asheville

Asheville has some of the most extraordinary views North Carolina has to offer. Nestled right in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville sports a rich natural landscape with scenic greenways along the French Broad River. As a hub for art and architecture, Asheville also boasts a vibrant local scene. Asheville has it all, from endless blue skies to inspiring art studios, and an electric bike rental is the perfect way to navigate the streets of the city and explore everything that Asheville brings to the table.

On our Self-Guided eBike Tour, the recommended route takes you past some of the gems of Asheville, including breweries like the Wedge Brewing Company, the Hi-Wire Brewing RAD Beer Garden, Burial Beer Co., and New Belgium Brewing, and eateries like the 12 Bones Smokehouse, the White Duck Taco Shop, Home Ground Coffee Bar & Deli, and the Cascade Lounge. On this tour, you can make your way through Asheville’s River Arts District (the RAD) and discover the creative heart of Asheville’s art scene with Cotton Mill Studios, the CURVE Studios & Garden, Records in the RAD, and more!


All riders will be provided with a Giant Vida eBike and bicycle helmet to use during their trip. Electric bicycles require little exertion, making it easy for folks of all fitness levels to enjoy a ride across varied terrains. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing suitable for bike riding, and bring a backpack or waist pack for your belongings. The eBikes have no storage areas, so everything you bring will need to fit in your pack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellations are accepted 48 hours or more in advance. It’s better to let us know sooner rather than later so we can discuss options. We will issue a refund for your Scenic Mountain eBike Tour with 48 hours of notice or if the tour is canceled due to inclement weather.

Our bike trips are for individuals aged 16 and up.

Anyone who has ridden a traditional bike can master an eBike. Before the ride, your guide will walk everyone through eBike usage, safety, and etiquette. Once everyone in the group feels comfortable, the tour shall begin!

Safety is the utmost priority at Asheville Adventure Company (with fun making a close second). Your tour guide is tasked with ensuring you understand how to use your eBike and equipment before the ride begins. Your guide will also provide safety instructions if you encounter any wildlife along your ride through the mountainous terrain.
You may encounter wildlife on your tour. Wild turkeys and bears are possibilities, and bears tend to stay away from a boisterous batch of bikers.

The Scenic Morning eBike Tour does not include a stop for food. We recommend eating breakfast before you arrive for your tour, or bringing your own snacks.

No, water and snacks are not provided. If snacks are needed, we recommend bringing along your own in a small day pack or backpack.

The Scenic Morning Electric Bike Tour covers a distance of approximately 14 miles throughout Asheville or about 2.5 hours of riding. The total duration of the trip, including photo ops and your stop at the Grove Park Inn, will be around three hours. Most riders find the e-bikes make Asheville’s hilly terrain easy to navigate and do not have difficulty keeping up with the pace of the trip.

If the weather creates an unsafe situation, we will cancel your tour. We make the call as close to the tour time as possible, allowing people to plan accordingly. Light rain is generally not an issue for riders, but if rain is forecast, we will decide together at the time of the tour whether to embark. In the case of unsafe weather, your tour will either be rescheduled or refunded.

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