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The Asheville E-Bike Brewery Crawl

*48hr cancellation policy on all trips.


  • Check out 3 of Asheville’s top breweries.
  • Navigate Asheville’s diverse topography effortlessly on state-of-the-art eBikes.
  • Immerse yourself in the renowned craft beer culture of East Coast’s premier “Beer City”.
  • Enjoy a complimentary beer from a curated selection at the outset of your journey.
  • Experience a customized tour that honors your beer preferences and leads you through the historic city center.
  • Asheville’s agreeable climate makes this a great way to get outside year-round!
  • Check out the graffiti and street art of some of Asheville’s unique neighborhoods.
  • Our 5-Star Asheville eBike Brewery Tour is our most popular trip and sells out fast.

Equipment Provided

  • Your first beer of the trip is on us
  • A premium Giant Vida eBike, meticulously maintained for optimal performance across Asheville’s varying elevations.
  • A safety-certified helmet is provided to each rider.

What to Bring

  • Wear attire suitable for activity and variable weather, with an emphasis on comfort.
  • Consider an extra layer to adapt to weather changes.
  • Shoes should be closed-toe for safety—avoid flip-flops.
  • A small backpack is suggested for personal items like water or snacks.
  • Valid Photo I.D for verifying age before beer tastings.
  • Forms of payment for additional purchases at breweries.

About the Adventure

This tour is a curated exploration of Asheville’s craft beer ecosystem, combining the fun of an eBike excursion with the discovery of select local breweries. Designed for both visitors and residents, the tour is as much about enjoying premium craft beers as it is about enjoying the ride through one of America’s most picturesque towns.

Asheville’s Craft Beer Scene

With a reputation for exceptional craft beers, Asheville’s breweries are steeped in a tradition of quality and creativity. This tour offers you a window into the community-driven beer culture, set against the stunning vista of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s not just the distinctive water profile that makes Asheville’s beer stand out—it’s the spirit of innovation and camaraderie that infuses each pint.


We believe in tailoring the experience to our tastes. Starting from our River Art District location (99 Riverside Dr. Asheville, NC, 28801), your guide will orient you with your eBike and safety instructions. From there, based on the group’s preferences, we typically include local favorites like Disolver and Burial on the tour. However, no two tours are the same—we adapt to your interests and the group’s vibe, ensuring a personalized brewery exploration.

Throughout the tour, you’ll engage with Asheville’s storied past, navigating through the historic city center, where the architecture is as engaging as the ales. You’ll finish with a deeper appreciation of Asheville’s urban fabric and its thriving beer culture.


Our Giant Vida eBikes are designed to provide an intuitive ride, requiring minimal effort to ascend hills and cruise city streets. They are suitable for riders above 5’1”, and you will be briefed on how to operate them comfortably. Our bikes offer a traditional cycling experience, amplified with modern technology for a seamless journey.

Note that there is no storage on the bike, so you’ll want to have a small backpack or daypack to hold your phone, wallet, water bottle, snack, etc. Again, there’s minimal exertion with the eBike so you don’t have to wear athletic clothes, just something you can comfortably ride in. Be advised that we strongly discourage flip flops for this tour.

Your Guide

Expect a guide who is not only a local expert but also a craft beer enthusiast. With a wealth of knowledge about Asheville’s hidden spots and storied past, they will lead you on an informative tour that is rich in local lore and brewing facts, ensuring an enriching day out.

Our guides’ expertise will enhance your understanding of the brewing process and the distinct characteristics of Asheville’s craft beers.

The Ride

The 4 hour tour spans approximately 8-12 miles over a 2 to 2.5-hour ride, punctuated with visits to the hottest brewery in town. The eBikes provide a gentle assist, allowing you to experience the city’s sights without fatigue.

Group Size

To maintain a quality experience, we limit our tour sizes to up to 12 people. This ensures that each guest receives personal attention and that the tour remains intimate and convivial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cancellation policy?
Please confirm your dates when booking. If you have concerns about keeping your reservation, please let us know sooner rather than later so we can talk through options.  We will issue a refund for your eBike Brewery Tour as long as you cancel at least 48 hours in advance or the tour is canceled due to inclement weather.

What if I’ve never ridden an eBike before?
Your tour guide will provide you with a brief demonstration on how to use the eBike and will review bike safety and etiquette before the tour begins. If you can ride a bike, you’ll have no problem riding our eBikes.

Is an eBike Brewery Tour safe?
We work hard to make sure you have fun and stay safe. Your tour guide will make sure you know how to use the eBike before you begin and no one is permitted to use the bike while drunk. We also keep you safe by sticking to the many bike paths and trails throughout Asheville rather than riding on the road.

Are drinks included?
Your first drink on the tour is included!  Please bring a credit card, debit card, or cash for any other drinks or food on the tour.

Is there a drink limit?
Be advised that if you’re drunk, you will not be permitted to ride our bikes. We make 3 stops, and participants usually drink 1 beer at each stop. Because they are craft beers, some of them may have a higher ABV.

Can I Drive Home Afterwards?
We recommend assigning a designated driver in your group or opting for an Uber or Lyft after the brewery tour. This way everyone gets home safely.

Will there be food?
Some breweries offer food as part of their menu and there are often plenty of food trucks along the route. If you are looking to eat on your tour please talk to your guide at the beginning of your tour so they can accommodate your request if possible.

Are water and snacks provided?
No, water and snacks are not provided. We recommended bringing along your own in a small day pack or backpack if needed.

How much riding is involved?
Our tour covers a distance of 8-12 miles, which is around 2-2.5 hours of riding. The eBike makes navigating Asheville’s hilly terrain easy.

What if the weather is bad?
Safety comes first with all Asheville Adventure Company tours. If the weather creates an unsafe situation we will cancel your tour. We will make our decision as close to the tour as possible while still giving you a chance to plan accordingly. If there is light rain in the forecast but none at the start of the tour, we will decide together at the time of the tour whether to embark. In the case of bad weather, your tour will be either rescheduled or refunded.

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