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Find Local Gems on an E-Bike Brewery Tour of Asheville

Asheville E-Bike Brewery tours

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Activity Level: EasyActivity Level: Easy

$74 | 4 hours (2-2.5 hours biking)

Tour Highlights

Exploring the craft breweries is a breeze with easy to ride E-Bikes

Take in the beautiful bike trails throughout downtown Asheville

Experience the craft beer of the East Coast’s “Beer City”

Check out the graffiti and street art of some of Asheville’s unique neighborhoods

Our 5-Star Asheville E-Bike Brewery Tour is our most popular trip and sells out fast

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What to Expect on Your E-Bike Brewery Tour of Asheville

Spend the day cruising around town on an electric bike checking out some of Asheville’s best breweries.  Whether you’re just visiting or you’re a local looking for an adventure, our E-Bike Brewery Tours of Asheville is a fun and popular activity for craft beer lovers. 

Asheville’s Craft Beer Scene

Asheville, North Carolina has quickly become synonymous with great beer.  With an amazing selection of microbreweries, you’re sure to find the perfect brew that hits your taste buds just right. Many of Asheville’s breweries offer outdoor seating or rooftop bars that give you a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains and serve as community meeting places for travellers and locals alike.  Some say it’s the pH of the water that makes Asheville’s beer so good, but all we know is that here craft beer is a lifestyle and we want to help you experience it like a local. 


Start your day at Asheville Adventure Company’s shop in North Asheville. Here your tour guide will get you acquainted with your bike, talk you through bike safety, etiquette, and your favorite beer styles. 

Your guide will take you to Asheville’s best breweries to find that perfect mug of suds in the South Slope.  You’ll visit four of Asheville’s most popular breweries including Wedge Brewing Co and One World Brewing. Other breweries we’ve stopped at include New Belgium, Funkatorium, and more depending on the specific tastes of the group.  

Our first stop of the day is usually Wedge Brewing Co, a local favorite that led the transformation of the River Arts District.  At Wedge we’ll have our first beer and toast the day to come. After emptying our glasses we will move on to our favorite breweries in Asheville, making sure to offer plenty of local insights along the way. In between  breweries check out several of Asheville’s most interesting neighborhoods and learn the history of the town we love. The tour concludes at One World Brewing’s speakeasy and the historic Vance Monument in the heart of Downtown Asheville. 

This brewery tour will help you gain a unique perspective on this vibrant town and you can leave knowing you spent the afternoon drinking several of the great beers Asheville has to offer (all while cruising around leisurely on our awesome E-Bikes). 


Each participant will have use of one of our Giant Vida E-Bikes and a bicycle helmet, all of which is thoroughly sanitized to keep you safe. The minimum height requirement for the bikes is 5’3. Using these E-Bikes is fun and makes tackling Asheville’s hilly terrain easy. Our bikes ride more like a traditional bicycle as opposed to a motorcycle, so as long as you can ride a bike, you’ll be able to use the E-Bike. Note that there is no storage on the bike, so you’ll want to have a small backpack or daypack to hold your phone, wallet, water bottle, snack, etc. Again, there’s minimal exertion with the E-Bike so you don’t have to wear athletic clothes, just something you can comfortably ride in. Be advised that we strongly discourage flip flops for this tour. 

Your Guide

The E-Bike Brewery Tour is a guided tour that lets you experience Asheville like a local. Each of our guides have lived in Asheville and are familiar with all of the hidden gems throughout the area. Your tour guide will tailor your tour to your interests, whether you are looking for history, to know where to have fun, or just unique info about Asheville, we have just the guide that can help you experience Asheville in a fun, adventurous way. 

The Ride

Our guided tours let you enjoy a leisurely ride around Asheville while still giving you enough time at the hottest breaks around town. The actual time spent riding the E-Bike is between 2-2.5 hours and covers a distance of around 8-12 miles. The motorized bike means you get to experience the ride without all the work, letting you fully enjoy your day exploring all Asheville has to offer. 

Who Would Enjoy Our E-Bike Brewery Tour?

Our goal is to make you feel like a local as you explore all Asheville has to offer. If you’re looking to check out some of the best breweries in town, visit unique neighborhoods, and take in the street art and historic sites that Asheville is known for, then this is the adventure for you.  The Asheville  brewery tour is the perfect balance of sightseeing and drinking making it popular with solo travelers, couples, families with teens, and groups alike. 

While the breweries we visit specialize in craft beers, many have non-beer options (wines, ciders, etc.) and non-alcoholic options for kids and non-drinkers making it a fun adventure for every member of the family. 

Group Size

We want to give you the best experience possible so we keep group sizes small. We can comfortably accommodate groups of 2-12 riders. 

Our Most Popular Tour Available! 

As one of the most talked about Asheville tours on TripAdvisor, our E-bike  Brewery Tour of Asheville is easily our most popular tour. Whether you’re a first time visitor or a seasoned local, this tour shows off the best of Asheville. These tours tend to fill up quickly, especially on weekends and in the summer, so be sure to book early for your preferred date. Big groups should book their tour at least 10 days in advance.

Brewery Tour FAQs

With this being one of our most popular guided tours, here are some of the common questions we get. 

What is the cancellation policy? 
Please confirm your dates when booking. If you have concerns about keeping your reservation, please let us know sooner rather than later so we can talk through options.  We will issue a refund for your E-Bike Brewery Tour as long as you cancel at least 48 hours in advance or the tour is cancelled due to inclement weather. 

What if I’ve never ridden an E-Bike before? 
Your tour guide will provide you a brief demonstration on how to use the E-Bike and will review bike safety and etiquette before the tour begins. If you can ride a bike, you’ll have no problem riding our E-Bikes. 

Is an E-bike Brewery Tour safe?
We work hard to make sure you have fun and stay safe. Your tour guide will make sure you know how to use the E-Bike before you begin and no one is permitted to use the bike while drunk. We also keep you safe by sticking to the many bike paths and trails throughout Asheville rather than riding on the road. 

Are drinks included?
Your first drink on the tour, at Wedge Brewing, is included.  Please bring a credit card, debit card, or cash for any other drinks or food on the tour. 

Is there a drink limit?
During the tour we’ll drink 4 beers over the course of 4 hours. Because they are craft beers, some of them may have a higher ABV. Be advised that if you are drunk you will not be permitted to use the E-Bike. 

Can I Drive Home Afterwards?
We recommend assigning a designated driver in your group or opting for an Uber or Lyft after the brewery tour. This way everyone gets home safely. 

Will there be food?
Some breweries offer food as part of their menu and there are often plenty of food trucks along the route. If you are looking to eat on your tour please talk to your guide at the beginning of your tour so they can accommodate your request if possible. 

Are water and snacks provided?
No, water and snacks are not provided. We recommended bringing along your own in a small day pack or backpack if needed. 

How much riding is involved?
Our tour covers a distance of 8-12 miles, which is around 2-2.5 hours of riding. The E-Bike makes navigating Asheville’s hilly terrain easy. 

What if the weather is bad?
Safety comes first with all Asheville Adventure Company tours. If the weather creates an unsafe situation we will cancel your tour. We will make our decision as close to the tour as possible while still giving you a chance to plan accordingly. If there is light rain in the forecast but none at the start of the tour, we will decide together at the time of the tour whether to embark. In the case of bad weather, your tour will be either rescheduled or refunded. 

Book Your Asheville E-Bike Brewery Tour

The Asheville E-Bike Brewery Tour is one of the most unique ways to check out some of the best craft beer in the area. Space is limited and these tours fill up quickly so be sure to book your Brewery Tour today. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 828-417-7109.