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Family-Friendly Rafting in Asheville: Which Trip Should You Choose?

You and the kids need one last hurrah before colder weather sets in. And there’s no better choice than a family-friendly Asheville Adventure Company rafting trip. You have three thrilling trips at the ready, each delivering its own unique version of fun. 

Whitewater Rafting vs. Paddling or Kayaking 

Whitewater rafting is tons of fun, although your family may also be drawn to our paddling or kayaking adventures (Yes! There is a difference between white water rafting and white water kayaking!)

  • White Water Rafting is a true exercise in togetherness, as your whole group gets to all sit together on one raft. Rafts are typically designed to hold a group of 8-10 people.  
  • White Water Kayaking is also a family-friendly Asheville adventure, but participants enjoy the river solo in an inflatable kayak, also known as a ducky.  

Family-Friendly Asheville Trips    

While each one of Asheville Adventure Company’s trips is a little different, our trips do share some common themes. 

Rafting and kayaking trips are open to kids aged 10 and up. Although we generally don’t allow kids younger than 10 years old on the trips, exceptions can be made in certain situations. To arrange a special trip, call Asheville Adventure Company at 828-417-7109 and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your family!

Children must weigh at least 50 pounds to participate in a white water rafting or white water paddling trip with Asheville Adventure Company. The minimum weight supported by the personal flotation devices (PFDs) used during the adventure is 50 pounds. Trips also include the use of a helmet, paddle, and ducky or raft. 

There will be several opportunities for short restroom breaks on all of our rafting trips. Snacks and drinks will be provided after the adventure, before we head back to Asheville Adventure Company’s headquarters. If you or your child has dietary restrictions or needs to eat a bit sooner, we are happy to carry a snack for you in our drybags so they’re easily accessible. 

Best Beginner Rafting: French Broad Gorge 

The French Broad Gorge rafting trip is a beginner-friendly trip that lasts up to four hours, depending on the weather and water levels. This trip is best suited for participants who are comfortable with class II and class III levels of difficulty and don’t mind a bit of a challenge at times. The French Broad Gorge, also known as Section 9, will introduce your family to some of the most pristine sections of the river. We can hear the oohs and aahs already!

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Best Beginner Kayaking: French Broad River 

For kids who prefer a more independent type of adventure, the French Broad River is still the place to explore. The combination of calmer waters interspersed with Class II and Class III rapids delivers a delightful introduction to whitewater kayaking. On this three-hour adventure, the oohs and aahs tend to give way to woohoos and whees. 

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Best for Experienced Paddlers: Upper Green River

The woohoos and whees get louder still on the Upper Green River kayaking adventure. Perfect for thrill-seekers who double as experienced paddlers, beginners should think twice before booking this trip. This five-hour adventure includes class IV rapids and may be a bit much for younger kids or the inexperienced.

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Now that you have options to close out your summer, book the whitewater adventure that calls your family’s name. You know what level of difficulty is best for your needs – any one you choose is apt to come with tons of fun!

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